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AGAWA - Boreal 21 Saw

AGAWA - Boreal 21 Saw

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Originally a Kickstarter product, the Boreal 21 Saw is compact, light and strong. Its innovative folding design keeps you from having to touch the blade. When folded, the saw teeth are protected, so you or your gear won't get shredded.


  • Opens and closes without your fingers touching the blade.
  • Clearance for logs up to 15cm in diameter.
  • Weather-resistant nylon grip offers comfortable sawing without hotspots.
  • Automatic blade tensioner ensures a perfect fit each time, without needing to fiddle with bolts or screws.
  • Extruded, anodized aluminum frame with all stainless steel hardware.
  • VERSATILE: Take the BOREAL21 folding bow saw wherever you go - camping, backpacking, canoeing, off-trail, hunting, trail clearing or around the home.
  • EASY: Opens in seconds - just unfold, snap into position & start sawing. Automatic blade tensioning with no loose parts - No need to touch the blade while opening & closing
  • LIGHT & PACKABLE: Length (21”/53cm) & Weight (18oz/530g)
  • EFFECTIVE & ERGONOMIC: High clearance frame for large diameter cuts, optimized geometry for the most efficient saw stoke
  • DURABLE: anodized 6063 aluminum frame, fiberglass reinforced nylon handle, all stainless steel hardware, hardened and coated saw blades
WARRANTY: Expect years of trouble-free service. BOREAL21 saws are fully guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship.
Our warranty does not extend to saw blades.
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