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Geartrade - Titanium 750ml Pot

Geartrade - Titanium 750ml Pot

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The 750ml titanium pot is everything you need, nothing more. Featuring foldable handles and a lid. Its gradations, in both ml and oz, help you measure your supplies. The titanium material makes it extremely resistant to corrosion and any physical strain, weighs only 4.2 oz (119 g) .

The 750ml can nest our 375ml cup with a BRS Stove. After nesting them in, toss the 750 into your complementary mesh sack and get going!


  • Material: Titanium (no coating)
  • Weight: Pot only: 3.3 oz (95g) Pot with lid: 4.2 oz (119g)
  • Capacity: 25.4 oz (750ml)
  • Dimensions: Internal: 4.25" (H) X 4" (Diameter) Circumference: 12.25"
  • 750 mL pot can be nested with: Can nest the 375ml Geartrade Titanium Mug and BRS Stove inside.

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