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Seek Outside - Cimarron Hot Tent Bundle

Seek Outside - Cimarron Hot Tent Bundle

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The Cimarron is an ultralight 4 person (without a stove) pyramid style tent with subtle angles that is comfortable for two when using a stove and compatible with either of our 2 person nests. 

The Cimarron makes very effective use of space. The footprint is such that it can still be used on many campground pads where space is often limited. The tent itself is closest to a slightly rectangular pyramid, and sets up almost exactly the same as a pyramid, but with less wasted space. Slight tipi styling reduces flat sidedness and maximizes space.  4 adults can sleep across without a stove, and two adults can sleep lengthwise very comfortably.  Dual side entrance design allows the tent to be used in many non conventional pitches when terrain, need or desires dictate. 

All of our gear uses the best fabrics and materials we can source, is made in-house by experts at their craft, and is backed by our outstanding warranty.  

Handmade in Grand Junction, CO.


  • Tent: 
    • Dual zippered doors with storm flaps
    • Single peak vent
    • Stove jack with rain flap
    • 6" Sod skirt for sealing out drafts
    • Ultra robust stake loops - big enough for cut or improvised stakes, twist a time or two to tighten up on standard stakes
    • Apex hang loops
    • Two External guy out loops - use to steepen walls 
  • Stove:
    • Titanium Construction
    • Intake Control
    • Damper & Integrated Spark Arrestor
    • Sliding Door
    • Easy Assembly

Combo Includes:

  • Complete with a Medium Stove, 6 Feet of stove pipe, half liner, Cimarron Brown tent and a carbon pole, the Cimarron Bundle comes with everything needed to enjoy four season adventures out of the box. Sleeps 2 with a stove.


  • Combo Weight:
    • Complete with Medium Stove -  98 oz /  6 lbs 2 oz
  • Tipi Weight:
    • Canopy - 39 oz / 2 lb 7 oz
    • Complete weight - canopy, stakes, carbon pole - 55 oz / 3 lb 7 oz
  • Tipi Dimensions:
    • Height 6'
    • Width 8' 6" (Max 9' 6 "ft center) 
    • Length 9'6" (11' 8" ft max center)
    • 94 sqft floor area
    • 23 sqft sitting area (height above 36")
  • Stove Weights
    • Medium Complete with damper, legs, hardware, and storage bag is 31 oz / 1 lb 15 oz
    • Large Complete with damper, legs, hardware, and storage bag is 35oz / 2 lb 3 oz
    • Stove Pipe - 2 oz / foot - 6 ft = 12 oz
    • Medium U-Turn Complete with damper, legs, hardware, and storage bag is 26 oz / 1lb 10oz
    • Large U-Turn Complete with damper, legs, hardware, and storage bag is 29 oz / 1lb 13oz
    • U-Turn Stove Pipe - 1.5 oz / foot - 6ft = 9 oz 
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