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Branch Point Inc. (formerly Global Hydration) is proud to be the exclusive agent for Aquatabs in Canada and an authorized distributor in the USA. We're responsible for distribution to a wide of variety of markets and customers including outdoor sport, travel health, first-aid and survival, emergency preparedness and humanitarian/disaster aid. Purchasing through us guarantees the delivery of genuine product in Canadian compliant and bi-lingual packaging.

As the master distributor of Aquatabs in Canada, we supply both small and large retailers across Canada as well as OEM markets such as survival and emergency kits. As an authorized agent for the USA, we serve a long list of OEM and kit manufacturers with bulk packaged USA EPA approved and labelled water purification tablets.

We're proud to have supported humanitarian and disaster aid projects around the globe. We’ve coordinated dedicated air shipments of Aquatabs for humanitarian aid to places like Haiti, Syria and Turkey, working with the worlds leading NGOs and disaster rescue team.

Branch Point has been helping customers solve problems for over 22 years. Originally a manufacturer in cleantech doing business as Global Hydration Water business, the company evolved to become a distributor and professional marketplace seller. Our success has been built on a passion for innovation, problem-solving and customer service. We look forward to sharing with this you. For more information on Branch Point Inc.

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