Collection: Adotec Gear

Introducing Jeremy and Laura Corneil!

Jeremy’s roots trace back to small-town Ontario, where his father instilled in him a deep appreciation for nature. His adventurous spirit took him on a solo motorcycle journey across Canada, solidifying his love of outdoor pursuits.

Laura, on the other hand, found her sense of adventure through travelling and exploring new places. She lived in France for a time and explored 9 different countries solo.

They set out on their first backpacking trip on the north shore of Lake Superior. Here, they fell in love with walking into beautiful and remote places. However, their enthusiasm was dampened by heavy packs and this sparked their curiosity about light weight gear.

With a focus on “ultra-right” rather than “ultra-light”, Jeremy and Laura are on a mission to make lightweight gear for everyone. Whether you’re a young enthusiast eager to cover miles or more mature and seeking to continue outdoor pursuits without the strains, their gear is designed for you.