Collection: High Tail Designs

On his thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail, founder Conor "Dos Eggrolls" Brown noticed people were frustrated with their gear.  Every kit seemed too similar, muted, militaristic, or altogether took itself too seriously.  In order to stand out, people were sewing on patches, even drawing on their packs.  Self expression was limited to eccentric trucker hats and Hawaiian button-ups.  The super-serious appearance of backpacks and shelters stood in stark contrast with the candy-eating, nickname-giving, cheery wanderers that called themselves "Hiker Trash".

An Industrial Designer with years of sewing experience, Conor started High Tail Designs with a group of fabric printing experts in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia.  

The result is a series of ultralight, performance outdoor products that don't skimp on construction or technology and offer unique prints and patterns by a variety of artists.

You're out there to have fun, why can't your gear reflect that?