Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Maybe there is an answer here!

Is the product new or used? 

Everything we sell is new with tags. We understand the name "Geartrade" might be confusing as we originally started by selling used equipment. We have moved away from used gear and now procure the latest and greatest new equipment on the market. 

Does the product ship from Canada?

Yes, everything ships from Okotoks, Alberta.

How long does shipping take? 

Typically we try to get orders our the door as fast as possible, but generally they will ship 1 - 3 days after being processed. To find out more please visit the 'Shipping and Return' page.

Why are your prices so good? 

Our main objective is, and always has been, to try and get people into the backcountry as cheap as we possibly can. While some brands we are not able to offer deals on, the ones we can we offer for as cheap as possible. 

Why are you by appointment only? 

The foundation of our business is excellent customer service. By offering appointments (Outfitting, Online Order Pick-up, or Browse & Purchase) it allows you the opportunity to speak directly with Jesse and Michelle about the gear you require, have proper fittings (if needed), ask all of the questions, and swap adventure stories! 

Does stuff come with a warranty?

Yes, regular warranty applies to all products through the manufacturer. Any 'Geartrade' branded stuff comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty.