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Adotec - Bear Bag Rock Sack With 2mm Zing-it/ Lash-it

Adotec - Bear Bag Rock Sack With 2mm Zing-it/ Lash-it

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The bear bag rock sack makes hanging your food a breeze. Put some rocks in as a weight, and toss it up to hang your food away from predators. When packing up, store your rope in the bag. The 6.0 DCF is ultra strong, light-weight and durable.


  • A companion product to our Bear bags, the bear bag rock sack makes hanging your food away from predators super easy. Use the cord to tie your food up in the tree. The sack doubles as a counter weight for slinging your rope over a branch. When packing, put the rope directly in the bag for easy storage.
  • The white material of the bear bag rock sack makes it easy to spot when hanging up your food, no groping around in the dark to find the end of your rope! It comes with an optional 40 feet of 2mm cord, more than enough to hang your food safely.
  • The 6.0 oz DCF is super durable, perfect for long trips where it will get lots of repeated use. The Zing-it®/Lash-It® is a high strength, lightweight line made out of Dyneema® fibers. The proprietary Samthane® coating extends the wear life and ensures knot-holding capability.

  • When hanging a bear bag, be sure to select a tree at least 200 feet away from your tent that has a sturdy branch about 15 feet off the ground. Ideally, the bear bag should hang ten feet away from the trunk and 15 feet above the ground.


  • Weight: 36g
  • Material: 6.0 Dyneema® Composite Fabric
  • 40 feet of 2mm Zing-it®/Lash-it®
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