Collection: Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Gear

Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Gear was founded on one simple premise - it's almost impossible not to sweat when wearing a backpack. Consistent with this same thought, it's almost impossible to find gear from a company that you can enjoy wearing - a brand that's an extension of you rather than the other way around. 

In our quality and commitment to American-made products, it's our hope that you will wear Vaucluse gear with a quiet, confident sense of pride. You have finally found the gear that helps you sweat less when backpacking, and it's from a USA company.

You might not tell everyone you know about Vaucluse Gear, but you might tell your best friend or hiking group... simply because they deserve to know. 

Thank you for buying into our dream of building an authentic American gear company that solves a simple problem: how to sweat less when backpacking.