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Appalachian Gear Company

Appalachian Gear Company - Alpalite Hoodie

Appalachian Gear Company - Alpalite Hoodie

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The AlpaLite Hoodie by Appalachian Gear Company is not just a piece of clothing; it's a testament to the seamless integration of nature and technology, crafted to redefine the outdoor lifestyle apparel landscape. With a composition of 80% alpaca fiber, this hoodie boasts unparalleled strength, softness, and warmth, eclipsing traditional materials like merino wool. The addition of 20% recycled nylon not only enhances these attributes but introduces an elasticity, durability, and softness that cater to the demands of an active lifestyle. The pure genius of alpaca fiber manifests in its natural breathability and superior moisture absorption, making the AlpaLite Hoodie perfect for a variety of climates and high-intensity activities.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, this eco-friendly garment stands as a beacon of sustainable craftsmanship, offering an exceptional alternative to synthetic outdoor layers. Featuring a lighter weight 170 GSM AlpaLight lining in the hood for increased wind resistance and structure, the AlpaLite Hoodie excels in versatility, providing exceptional warmth and durability without compromising style or comfort. Whether you're scaling a rugged trail or enjoying a casual evening outdoors, the AlpaLite Hoodie ensures you stay comfortable, fresh, and ready for any adventure thrown your way.

Embrace Inclusivity with AlpaLite: Gear for Everyone! Our entire AlpaLite product line is crafted with non-gendered sizing, ensuring that comfort, performance, and style are accessible to all. Don’t let traditional sizing standards limit your outdoor adventures. Choose AlpaLite for apparel that’s designed to fit everyone. Start shopping now and step into a world where outdoor gear is inclusive, versatile, and ready for any journey.

The AlpaLite products fit slightly smaller than the All-Paca products, so if you are in-between sizes and want a comfort fit, then size up one size, and if you want a tighter fit then size down one size. This is a very stretchy and forgiving fabric that is also very breathable.

AlpaLite Fabric - Expertly crafted with a luxuriously soft blend of 80% natural alpaca fiber and 20% recycled nylon, AlpaLite sets new standards for durability, comfort, and eco-friendliness. This cutting-edge fabric outshines traditional materials by providing superior warmth, softness, and strength, while offering exceptional moisture absorption and quick-drying properties, ideal for the rigors of an active lifestyle. Designed and built in the U.S., AlpaLite not only promises unparalleled performance in various climates and high-intensity activities but also champions sustainability with its eco-friendly approach. Embrace the extraordinary with AlpaLite, where the unmatched benefits of alpaca fiber meet advanced technical features, delivering a premium, versatile garment that transitions seamlessly from outdoor adventures to casual elegance.

AlpaLite Fabric Weight - 210 GSM

The Trail Seam - Crafted from the exceptional Alpaca fiber fabric, our gear demanded a seam that embodies the spirit of adventure. Enter our Trail Seam, meticulously designed for unparalleled toughness and durability, ensuring peak performance even under extreme stress and extended use. From enduring thousands of miles to withstanding millions of rubs under backpack straps, our hoodies and shirts attest to the reliability of our Trail Seam, meeting the most stringent demands with unwavering consistency.

Weft Knit - Knitted into distinctive fabrics renowned for their outstanding performance, our proprietary alpaca knits boast exceptional durability. With a specialized knit structure designed to resist runs, even if a hole is inadvertently poked while in the backcountry, rest assured it won't escalate into a long run, a common occurrence in many lightweight knits.

Lightweight - Unleash lightweight agility with our advanced outdoor gear, crafted from 100% alpaca fabrics and advanced blends. Scale mountains, brave hurricanes, conquer trails - our design keeps you nimble, pushing limits, reaching new heights. Embrace weightlessness, elevate your adventure.

Regular Fit Style - Not too snug and not too loose. It looks great and allows for a full range of motion. Natural fibers perform at their optimal level when allowed a little room to breathe.


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