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Big Sky International

Big Sky International - Tube Steak Tent Peg/Stake (4 pack)

Big Sky International - Tube Steak Tent Peg/Stake (4 pack)

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The Tube SteakTM tent peg was originally designed by Big Sky International about 20 years ago. Originally, Big Sky offered their tents with a similar tent peg design offered by another company, but the heads would pull off so Big Sky designed the Tube SteakTM tent peg so the head would not come off. Since then, others have copied our design, but it was Big Sky that originally designed the head of a tent peg this way.

Big Sky also includes an installed reflective pull cord for your convenience.

Features & Specs:

  •  Tube SteakTM 15 size: 15cm (6in) x 8mm
    • weight: 8.9g/ea (0.31oz/ea)
  • Tube SteakTM 18 size: 18.2cm (7.25in) x 8.5mm
    • weight: 12.2g/ea (0.43oz/ea)
  • Tube SteakTM 20 size: 20cm (8in) x 8.5mm
    • weight: 13.6g/ea (0.48oz/ea)
  • Tube SteakTM 23 size: 23cm (9in) x 8.5mm
    • weight: 15.3g/ea (0.54oz/ea)
  • weight includes reflective pull cord
  • insert another Tube SteakTM tent peg through cord to help pull Tube SteakTM tent peg out of ground (see picture)
  • made with high strength aircraft aluminum alloy
  • All sizes had no problem pounding through wood 2in x 4in (5cm x 10cm) (see picture)
  • No-Lose-EmTM color

Tent peg/stake size recommendations:

  • Tube SteakTM 15cm (6in) for around the bottom of freestanding tents
  • Tube SteakTM 20cm (8in) for guy lines and small non-freestanding tents and tarps
  • Tube SteakTM 23cm (9in) for larger tarps and larger non-freestanding tents

*** Note: Tube SteakTM tent pegs are sold four (4) pieces per package, unless specified otherwise ***

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