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Grifiti - Band Joes 6 Inch Silicone Cross Bands H X Style (2 Pack)

Grifiti - Band Joes 6 Inch Silicone Cross Bands H X Style (2 Pack)

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Grifiti 6 inch Cross Bands are long lasting, cooking grade silicone rubber X H or cross shaped bands. They are great for bundling lunches, smaller boxes, large format cards, tablets, smaller notebooks and so much more! 

Perfect for wrapping things together! These cooking grade silicone bands are made with food grade silicone so they'll last super long. They are heat, cold, UV, chemical and weather resistant. 

We measure our bands flat. So, when pressed against the desktop, these are 6 inches flat, 12 inches in circumference, and about 3.8 inches in diameter. They stretch 2x.

When you put these on a box or object, pull both straps over in one direction, then wrap the opposite arms back across the object the other direction to for a X, +, or H shape. The weakest point if the joint, so don't aggressive pull the same side legs apart at the joint otherwise you can tear it. 


  • 6 x 0.625 x 0.079 inch flat silicone bands, circumference is 12 inches and the diameter of each leg is about 3.8 inches.


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