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Hammock Gear

Hammock Gear - Daisy Chain Tree Straps (Pair)

Hammock Gear - Daisy Chain Tree Straps (Pair)

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Our Daisy Chain Tree Straps are each 9 ft long and feature 15 individual loops which allow you to easily clip a carabiner to hang up your hammock.  They are 1 inch wide and made of Polyester.  Each pair of hammock tree straps feature a handy stuff sack, so you can segregate your wet suspension away from any gear you wish to keep dry.  Including the stuff sack, our daisy chain tree straps weigh 12.5 ounces.  Available with either Red or Yellow accent stitching.


  • The Circadian ships fully suspended with: 1 Structural ridgeline, 2 continuous loops, and 2 carabiners.
  • The structural ridgeline must remain installed to protect the bug net from tearing! Removal voids all warranties.
  • Permanently attached ultralight mesh bug net allowing for high visibility.
  • Attached peak mesh stuff sack for storage of bug net and personal items.
  • Double ended nylon stuff sack; Adequate for stowing the hammock and complete suspension system in one convenient place.
  • We recommend storing carabiners outside of the DESS to prevent accidental tears during storage.
  • Four exterior pack hooks for superior underquilt stabilization.
  • Four additional connection points featuring eight small d-rings for internal connecting accessories or external tie out of the hammock body for stability.


  • Length - 9 ft Each
  • Weight - 12.5 ounces per pair (including stuff sack)
  • Feature - 15 individual loops for quick and easy hanging
  • Colors - Red Accent Stitching
  • Weight Rating -  Up to 1000 lbs
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