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Six Moons

Six Moons - Flight Hip Belt

Six Moons - Flight Hip Belt

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The Flight Hip Belt is Six Moon's most updated hip belt option, improving on previous hip belt iterations like their Ultralight and Ultralight Padded Hip Belts. The Flight Hip Belt is their most recent model that comes standard on their Swift X, Swift V, Flight 30 Ultra, and Minimalist V2 packs.

Six Moon Flight Hip Belt is constructed from 1/8" thick 3D Mesh. This soft, foam mesh is filled with holes to allow moisture to pass through. While this belt will provide some load transfer. It is recommended primarily for stabilizing the pack while trail running.


  • Dual One Liter Pockets - Too many packs employ hip belt pockets so small they'd crush a candy bar. Other packs make them add-on options. Where they tend to slide off the hip belt unless properly secured.

    The hip belt pockets on Six Moon Designs packs are some of the largest in the industry. At one liter each, they are sized large enough to carry a small camera, GPS, snacks, sunscreen, and other needed items. They are easy to open. Provide quick access to needed gear. Still, they aren't so large as to get in your way.
  • Four Point Buckle - Multi-adjustment hip belts are not uncommon. However, typically there is a single piece of webbing that runs continuously between the tri-glide, buckle, and back. With this arrangement, the buckle can slide along the webbing. So as you walk the buckle will start to center itself between the two adjusters.

    The unique four-point buckle system terminates each adjustable webbing at the buckle. This allows you to lock the angle of the hip belt. It will maintain the angle of the hip belt and provide you with a more comfortable and secure fit.


Small Medium Large
Padded Length 24" - 65 cm 27" - 76 cm 34" - 86 cm
Waist Sizes


26 - 39"
66 - 99 cm


29 - 41"
73 - 104 cm


36 - 55"
91 - 140 cm

Weight 6.1 oz - 173 g 6.65 oz - 188 g 7.2 oz - 204 g
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