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Culo Clean

CuloClean - Ultralight Portable Bidet

CuloClean - Ultralight Portable Bidet

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CuloClean Backcountry Bidet takes your hiking hygiene to the next level. It really works well and is a game changer.

You can use CuloClean with normal soda bottles, and with a squeeze, you get a squirt of water to wash yourself after taking care of business. Works well also for women’s hygiene on the trail.

Every now and again, nature calls when on the trail. The old solution is toilet paper, which is a terrible sight in nature, takes space in your pack and leaves you not-so-clean. Especially during long hiking days with poor hygiene you risk chafing, which will ruin your hike. The worst thing is when you run out of this “mountain money” and end up even worse.

Enter CuloClean. No more dirty wet wipes to pack in, just a squirt from your bottle and you are fresh as mint. CuloClean started as a Kickstarter campaign, and is the best backcountry bidet solution. Compared to toilet paper, it weighs less and takes much less space in your pack, which ultralighters with small packs can really appreciate. You can use it also to wash armpits and for women’s hygiene on the trail.

CuloClean works also really well in when travelling in exotic locations with no western toilets. It is quite useful also when hiking or travelling with a baby.

Size: Fits regular soda bottles, and many other bottles as well.

Instructions: Dig a hole adequately far from water sources. Preferably do it before going to sleep if your hot morning coffee has a tendency to kickstart your metabolism. Squat deep. Squatting facing down hill helps getting a deeper squat. It’s a good idea to remove one pant leg to prevent splashes hitting your pants. Use natural materials such as blunt sticks, smooth rocks, spruce cones or snow for the initial heavy lifting. Spray with the other hand and clean clean with the other. Wash your hands afterwards. As with all hiking gear, try the bidet first in the comfort of your home.


  • The Ecological and economical alternative to toilet paper
  • Compatible with every bottle


  • Weight: 11g


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