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Durston - X-Mid 1 Solid

Durston - X-Mid 1 Solid

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The X-Mid 1 Solid is a variant of the X-Mid 1 that is oriented towards use in colder conditions including winter use and trekking in windswept areas like Northern Europe and Patagonia, while still being an excellent all around backpacking tent. It is based on the X-Mid 1 which has been developed from the first principles of geometry to possess the most weight efficient, simple, and stormworthy architecture for a trekking pole shelter. The result is a tent weighing just 29 oz (825 g) while being incredibly stormworthy, user friendly, and spacious. As a very well rounded tent, the X-Mid 1 has become one of the most awarded tents in recent years, including awards for best tent from The Trek, Outdoor GearLab, and Section Hiker.

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  • Optimal Geometry:

    Patented X-Mid geometry with offset poles provides excellent stormworthiness and ease of pitching for less weight than any other geometry.

  • Spacious:

    The diagonal (offset pole) ridgeline increases headroom and interior volume over other dual pole shelters.

  • Non Sag Fabric:

    The X-Mid has been a pioneer of lightweight polyester fabric because it doesn't absorb water and sag like nylon, so the shelter retains its structural integrity in wet conditions. Our passionate advocacy for polyester was initially met with resistance from many established companies using nylon, but has since led to polyester becoming widely recognized as a better material and with many competitors now following our lead.

  • Stormworthy Shape:

    The X-Mid shape is an ideal all around shape for stormworthiness (balancing wind and snow shedding). It does this via consistently moderate panel slopes where all the panels are an ideal 50 - 55 degrees, while most tents contain an inconsistent mix of shallower panels (worse for snow shedding) and steeper panels (worse for wind performance).

  • Full Coverage Fly:

    The fly extends low to the ground to block drafts and rain splatter, but can also be raised higher for increased ventilation.

  • Doublewall:

    Full doublewall design with separate fly and inner components avoids potential contact with fly condensation and allows for modular use, including pitching the inner only in fair weather and using the fly as a tarp shelter for 1 or 2 occupants (ideal for ski touring).

  • Dual Vestibules:

    Dual vestibules are large, tall and put the main area beside the door instead of blocking it. A backpack fits easily in the main area.

  • Dual Doorways:

    Dual doorways are large, not blocked by trekking poles, allow for cross ventilation, and have a protected design so the inner stays dry when the doors are open.

  • Dual Vents:

    Dual adjustable peak vents minimize condensation yet can close during harsh conditions.

  • Optional Guyouts:

    Optional peak and side panel guyouts plus eight additional stake points around the base allow the shelter to be solidly reinforced for harsh conditions.

  • Protected Setup:

    A protected setup pitches fly first to keep the floor and inner tent dry during setup in the rain. The inner tent can be added later or kept clipped inside the fly.

  • Simple Pitch:

    Ultra-simple pitch with just four stakes. The inner tent can be added separately or left clipped inside for a quicker setup.

  • Small Packed Size:

    With light fabrics and no tent poles or struts, the X-Mid packs very small and into any shape. We supply a stuff sack that makes the tent short enough to store horizontally in any pack.

  • Magnetic Door Toggles:

    Magnetic toggles allow the fly and interior doors to be closed easily with one hand.

  • Dual Pockets:

    Dual interior peak pockets allow for storage and provide a convenient way to suspend a light for reading in the tent. 

  • Collapsible Vestibules:

    Vestibules can be collapsed to fit the tent into small sites.

  • Fully Waterproofed Seams:

    Unlike many trekking pole shelters, our seams are factory waterproofed so user seam sealing is not required. We use a mix of seam taping and proprietary waterproof seam technology.


    • Fly: 18.0 oz / 510 g
    • Inner Tent: 111.1 oz / 315 g
    • Complete Tent: 29.1 oz / 825 g
    • Stuff Sack: 0.4 oz / 12 g
    • Stakes: 8 DAC J Stakes 4 x 6" @ 7 g; 4 x 8" @ 16 g)
    • Typical Setup (Tent, Sack, 6 Stakes): 31.9 oz / 905 g (tent, stuff sacks, 6 stakes)
    • Floor Length: 90" / 2.3 m
    • Floor Width: 32" / 81 cm
    • Floor Area: 20 sq ft / 1.85 sq m
    • Peak Height: 46" / 117 cm
    • Fly Footprint: 67 x 100" / 170 x 254 cm
    • Vestibule Area: 11.5 sq ft x 2 / 1.1 sq m x 2
    • Packed Size: 12 x 5" / 30 x 13 cm
    • Canopy Fabric: 20D Sil/PE Polyester 3500mm HH in Alpine Sage
    • Floor Fabric: 20D Sil/PE Polyester 3500mm HH in Grey
    • Inner Fabric: 15D Ripstop Nylon in White
    • Fly Zippers: YKK #5 AquaGuard (water-resistant) with buckles
    • Inner Zippers: YKK #3
  • WARRANTY: 2 Years

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