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FarPointe Outdoor Gear

FarPointe Outdoor Gear - Drifter Cap

FarPointe Outdoor Gear - Drifter Cap

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The ultralight Alpha cap is surprisingly warm for its weight. An Alpha 60gsm Cap only weighs 11 grams while still being comfortable in 3 season weather. A great piece under a helmet or the perfect cap for strenuous activity like cold weather running, climbing, or hiking.

Alpha/Wool Cap
Polartec’s new Alpha/wool fabric features wool in place of polyester. Offering all the Performance attributes of wool while being exceptionally warm, ultralight, and fast wicking.


  • Polartec Alpha Direct
  • Fitted hood with a Paracord drawstring
  • All season active insulation layer
  • Extremely fast wicking
  • Ultralight
  • Hydrophobic
  • Excellent compression
  • High weight to warmth ratio


  • Size:
    • Large Circumference: 23”
    • Medium Circumference: 21”
  • Weights:
    • Alpha/Wool 150gsm-18 grams
    • Deep Glacier 90/Charcoal 60- 13 grams
    • Dark Navy/Charcoal 60gsm- 11 grams
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