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GearAid - Revivex Instant Water Repellent 5oz

GearAid - Revivex Instant Water Repellent 5oz

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Need a quick solution to waterproofing? Simply spray it and other outdoor gear with ReviveX® Instant Water Repellent to immediately create a protective barrier against water, oil and stains. Use it on nylon tents, jackets, boots, hats, and backpacks as an easy, multipurpose waterproofing treatment. From outerwear to footwear this air-dry formula comes in a 5-oz spray bottle and is safe to use on a variety of fabric and breathable materials.


  • Quick-drying water repellent spray
  • PFOA-free non-silicone formula
  • Adheres to nylon | leather | suede | GORE-TEX® | other fabrics
  • Size: 5 oz
  • Made in the USA
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