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Grakksaw - Backcountry Bootdryer

Grakksaw - Backcountry Bootdryer

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These bootdryers are IP-67 Rated! This is a pair of bootdryers. One for each boot!


  • Lightweight: Tips the scales at under 6 ounces.
  • Durable: We took the original design and totally revamped it. The fans are now securely housed inside a high-visability injection molded plastic that has built-in wire strain relief. Molded here in the Midwest.
  • Efficient: Powered on any standard 5v USB receptacle/battery pack. It operates on 0.230-.270 amps at 5 volts, so around 1.25 watts. That means it only requires 25% of the power that your phone uses to charge.
  • We picked the optimal fan size and wattage to minimize drying/usage time, and limit power consumption. Leave this little guy plugged in with your boots hanging high in a warm tent, and the insides will be dry in no time.
  • Portable: The whole setup fits in the palm of your hand, can be used in the truck, and on the move.
  • USA Made injection molded housing.
  • Fan is made in China.

What the Backcountry Bootdryer is and isn't:

  • It is NOT a 110v plug-in bootdryer that uses heating elements and fans to dry your boots. This device simply moves air in an efficent manner when power consumption or portability is a concern.
  • For optimal results, combine the "BCBD" with a campfire, stove in a tipi or wall tent, or on the floorboard of your truck with the heat pumping. Combined with a heat source this will dry your boots about 3x faster than just air drying alone.
  • The Backcountry Bootdryer is now IP-67 rated, or in other words, waterproof. The Bootdryers can be submerged in water indefinetely.


  • Do not obstruct the fan blades.
  • Do not place dangerously close to a heat source in which the wiring, fan, or other items may combust or melt.
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