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Grakksaw - Elk Game Bags

Grakksaw - Elk Game Bags

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Game bags sized for full elk quarters! Still lightweight at under 16oz, yet more durable than our ultralight series. These are twice the denier and hold up to abuse much better. Made with a premium ripstop nylon.


  • Four 24" x 40" Large Quarter Bags for bone-in quarters
  • Two 14" x 33" tubular bags for backstraps and scraps
  • 3 Backstrap and spare meat bags (14"x33")


  • They all pack perfectly into their included stuff sack.
  • Reflective string to find these at night. and our signature orange to spot them from a mile away during the day.
  • Holds any bull elk, caribou, bear, etc.
  • We recommend using a rib roll to remove the rib meat instead of packing the two ribcage halves. This will lighten your load, and reduce likelihood of tearing your bags from the serrated ribs.
  • If you are required to remove the rib bones, or choose to, each half of the ribs will fit into a bag with a front quarter.


    • Wash bags on gentle cycle or hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent.
    • Hang to dry.
    • Do not drag bag on ground, ever.
    • When hanging bag up with meat in it, do not let it rub/poke against trees or branches.
    • Hang bag in shade only, this preserves fabric material, as well as your meat.
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