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Hammock Gear

Hammock Gear - The Journey Silpoly Hammock Tarp

Hammock Gear - The Journey Silpoly Hammock Tarp

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Lightweight and durable with minimal stretch, the silicone impregnated ripstop polyester fabric 1.1 oz / yd² (20D) of the Hammock Gear Journey Tarp will keep you out of the elements. This durable, ultralight backpacking tarp system with doors is both water and windproof, and resists the retention of water much better than traditional nylon tarps and tents. Reinforced with 210D Polyester, all tie outs are built with grosgrain, and come standard featuring 1/2" Beastee D-Rings on the 6 perimeter tie outs, 4 door tie outs, 4 panel pull outs, and 3/4" Beastee D-Rings on the ridgeline tie outs.


  • Colour: Copper Silpoly
  • Ridgeline: 11ft
  • Guy out Hardware: Beastee D-Rings

Stakes and guyline NOT included.


  • Baseline: 78 inches
  • Ridgeline length: 132 inches
  • Width: 111 inches (measured from middle of baseline)
  • Tieouts:
    • 4 corners
    • 2 center
    • 4 doors
    • 2 ridgeline
    • 4 panel pullouts
  • Weight: 16.37 oz
  • Fabric: 20D Silpoly (1.1oz/yd²), 1500 mm head pressure
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