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HYKLYF - Bottle Genius Sticker

HYKLYF - Bottle Genius Sticker

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Turn your 1 liter Smart Water or Life Water bottle into a genius bottle with the BOTTLE GENIUS. The Bottle Genius sticker gives your water bottle several awsome functions. You get an accurate measuring cup in cups, ounces, and milliliters up to 3 cups, 750ml. It has the most common freeze dried meal measurements built right in. Easily mix electrolyte drinks on the go. You can also use it to help ration your water on long dry sections of trail. The Bottle Genius takes the guess work out of your back country water needs. The Bottle Genius sticker is flexible, durable and easy to apply. See photos for application directions or refer to the directions included in shipment. It is designed to be accurate when applied to 1 liter Smart Water & Life Water bottles. Nearly weightless, it does not even register on a kitchen scale. (bottle not included) **PRO TIPS: apply to new & clean bottle, use on your NON filter bottle as the constant squeezing may reduce sticker life 


  • Dimensions (1L): 8.5" long x 0.875" wide
  • Dimensions (700ml): 5.75" long x 1" wide

Weight: <1g

Bottle Genius instructions: 

  1. Accurately measure 1/2 c of water in to bottle
  2. Peel backing off bottom portion of sticker
  3. Adhere sticker to bottle so that the 1/2 c line on sticker lines up with mark
  4. Continue to adhere sticker vertically to bottle as you peel off backing


  • Apply to a new & clean bottle
  • Use on your non-filter bottle as constant wrinkling may reduce lifespan
  • Use hair dryer to flatten any wrinkles that may appear at the top
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