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Nitecore - Carbo 20000 Carbon Fiber Li-ion Powerbank

Nitecore - Carbo 20000 Carbon Fiber Li-ion Powerbank

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Extreme durability meets ultra-lightweight construction. The Carbo 20000 is your ultimate travel companion! While other power bank's shells are spliced together, the Carbo 20000's is one piece - a single mold of carbon fiber reinforced polymer. This creates supreme pressure and impact resistance, so you can take it anywhere with peace of mind. It's the perfect option for backpackers, outdoor photographers, travelers, or anyone carrying a heavy pack on multi-day trips!

Low Current Mode

When charging low-current devices like wireless headphones and smartwatches, long-press the Mode button to enter Low Current Mode. Long-press the button again to exit Low Current Mode. The device will not automatically exit this mode when you are finished using it.



  • Ultra-lightweight design makes it ideal to take anywhere
  • High impact and pressure resistance keeps battery cell safe
  • Multiple ports allow for versatility in charging, including simultaneous use of input and output
  • Long-lasting charge provides power to devices time and time again


  • 20000mAh capacity can fully charge a modern phone six times over
  • Lightest 20000mAH power bank at 10.42 oz.
  • Carbon Fiber unibody shell construction offers ultra-lightweight and extra protection
  • QC PD is compatible with fast charging.
  • Low Current Mode for charging small electronics
  • Upgraded Power level display
  • Weight: 10.42 oz
  • Dimensions: L-4.88"xW-2.36"xH-0.86"
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