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Nitecore - NB20000 mAh Carbon Fiber Power Bank

Nitecore - NB20000 mAh Carbon Fiber Power Bank

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Power your devices on the go with the NB20000 20,000mAh Carbon Fiber Power Bank from Nitecore. Designed to withstand the rugged outdoors, this carbon fiber constructed battery provides you with ample sustainability suitable for your most important devices, from your smartphone to your camera, making this ideal for any wilderness explorer or daily commuter.
The internal li-polymer battery has a 20,000mAh capacity and can deliver up to 45-watts of power, allowing you to quickly charge your mobile devices. A single USB Type-C input is used to charge the battery, with two USB Type-A and one Type-C output giving you options when charging your equipment. A low-current mode reduces the power output, allowing you to easily charge more sensitive devices like headphones and speakers. A power level display notifies you on the power level of your battery so you can properly manage your resources.


  • Able to produce a maximum output power of 45 watts, you can charge laptops, tablets, and portable game consoles with ease

  • 30-watt fast charge input gives you up to 80% battery power in as little as 2 hours and 40 minutes

  • Reinforced carbon fiber polymer provides you with the rugged construction and durability found within aerospace and automotive engineering, making this lightweight and compact

  • When output reaches 45 watts, the power bank will automatically regulate its output according to working status, maintaining optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of the battery

  • This battery bank has an IPX5 rating, assuring reliability and durability during rainy or snowy weather

  • The NB20000 meets the UN38.3 standard with a power rating less than 100Wh, ensuring you can bring it with you when you fly on airplanes


    • 20000mAh capacity can fully charge a modern phone six times over

    • Dimension: 5.37 x 2.36 x 0.84" / 13.64 x 5.99 x 2.13 cm

    • weight: 11.45 oz / 325 g

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