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One Bottle Hydration - 28mm Hydration System For Smartwater Bottle

One Bottle Hydration - 28mm Hydration System For Smartwater Bottle

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The One Bottle Hydration System for 28mm bottles exists entirely due to customer demand in April 2021. After selling hundreds of them and getting my patent in March 2022 I decided that the Smartwater adapter would lead the way in my conversion from 3D printing to injection molding!

This all-new design works just like the original version - you carry your bottle in the side pockets of your pack and drink from the 43” long tube and included bite valve! The adapter fits the 28mm Smartwater bottle which has the same mouth as most of the premium water brands like Fiji, Life WTR, Essentia, as well as most of the soda bottled in the US. Because the tube goes straight through the top, you can just pull it up and down to adjust to any bottle height!

Update at July 2023 - it also fits the CNOC bottle!

You’ll soon discover that the injection molded version is more durable, it seals better, and there are grip knobs for easy opening/closing!

As a bonus, it comes with a custom-designed tethered cap to make things easier when refilling in the wild!

This new product allows tailoring to the needs of the ultralight hiker! It comes with standard plastic clip that fits 1” and 3/4” webbing on your packstrap, or the new magnetic clip that fits thinner straps. There’s also an available 3D-printed cover for your bite valve to keep the dust etc off the mouthpiece! And if you want an insulated tube cover, it comes in blue, grey, black, light brown, and dark brown! These add-ons have a slight discount and no additional shipping charge when ordered with a full One Bottle Hydration System!

In March 2023 I sourced food-grade silicone tubing to reduce your plastics exposure!

The baseline system with no tube cover weighs 67g (2.8 oz) with all 43” of tubing - usually it gets trimmed!

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