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Outdoor Wipes

Outdoor Wipes - Sport Wipes XL Towel Size

Outdoor Wipes - Sport Wipes XL Towel Size

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THE ANYWHERE SHOWER - When a shower just isn't an option


  • Sport Wipes can simply go anywhere. Each wipe is individually packaged so they can easily fit in your pocket, your backpack, your gym bag, your running vest or even your glove compartment. You'll never have to worry about being smelly or sweaty no matter where you are.
  • While the package measures slightly smaller than your hand, Sport Wipes are extremely portable. You can easily fit a package in any (or every) pocket. And they're so light that you can pack them for any length of journey. They're also easily tearable so if you so choose, you can share a wipe with anyone along for your adventure. And the resealable package allows you to stow unused portions for future use without losing its moisture.
  • Each package of Sport Wipes includes one 1x2 foot (30x60cm) wipe
  • Sport Wipes are made from natural bamboo fibers and they are 100% biodegradable & free from harmful chemicals
  • Individual wipes can easily fit in your backpack, the glove box of your car or your office drawer for that rainy day
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