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Six Moons

Six Moons - Polycro Footprint (2 Pack)

Six Moons - Polycro Footprint (2 Pack)

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Six Moon Design's Polycro footprint is made from ultra strong and ultra light Polycro membrane. Designed for shrink wrap and frequently used as a second thermal layer for windows, this material is exceedingly rugged. While not as durable as Tyvek, it'll provide significant protection and weighs virtually nothing.

Be careful though, this material is so light, it'll blow away in a light breeze. So be sure to weight it down after you spread it out.

This Footprint comes two per pack. So you've got twice the protection


  • Small Dimensions: 96" X 40" - 244cm x 102cm
  • Small Thickness: .75 mil - 0.19mm
  • Small Recommended for:Lunar Solo, Skyscape Trekker, Skyscape Scout, Deschutes, Deschutes Plus, Dechutes Zero-G, Gatewood Cape, Serenity NetTent
  • Large Dimensions: 96" X 48" - 244cm x 122cm
  • Large Thickness: .75 mil - 0.19mm
  • Large Recommended for: Lunar Duo Explorer, Lunar Duo Outfitter, Haven, Haven Zero-G, Haven NetTent
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