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SlingFin - SplitWing Shelter Bundle

SlingFin - SplitWing Shelter Bundle

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The SplitWing is our most minimal shelter for people whose top priority is achieving the lowest weight possible without compromising weather coverage. Designed with thru-hikes and FKTs in mind, the SplitWing and its modular accessories are adaptable to the wide range of conditions that are likely to be encountered on a 4-month-plus adventure.

This bundle includes the SplitWing Tarp, SplitWing Mesh Body, and Removable Vestibule. It's one of the lightest, most versatile shelters around, and with the full system you can optimize it for any of the conditions you're likely to encounter on an extended thru-hike. Save $25 when you buy the shelter, mesh body, and vestibule together. Put the extra money towards your thru-hike shower fund. Or don't.

When used on its own, the SplitWing Tarp is palatial for one and cozy for two. A pair of hardcore UL hikers (or very close friends) will appreciate sharing a shelter that packs down to the size of a grapefruit and weighs less than two packs of ramen per person. At 7.9oz (224g) without the 6 included DAC j-stakes (10.3oz (292g) all-in), the SplitWing Tarp is damn light. Strategically-placed reinforcements made of our Expedition Series fly fabric keep the SplitWing in one piece when conditions get gnarly.

Unlike most shaped tarps, the SplitWing can be pitched with the front trekking pole anywhere between 105cm-120cm thanks to its front "wings", allowing you to prioritize floor area and storm protection with a low pitch, or provide generous headroom when pitched high. It's closed at the foot end to reduce drafts and increase weather protection.

For added protection, use the vestibule (included with the bundle), which covers the front opening of the tarp, providing 360-degree coverage, perfect for those who are looking for the light weight of a minimal tarp shelter but would rather not give up the comfort and security of a tent.

Add the SplitWing Mesh Body (also included with the bundle) and you'll have all the protection, versatility, and coziness of a double-wall tent but at a scant 21oz trail weight. The SplitWing Mesh Body has been updated for 2023 to include a tub floor.


  • Capacity: 1+ (with mesh body) 2 (tarp only)
  • Minimum Weight: 21oz (595g) (6 included DAC stakes add 2 oz)
  • Packaged Weight: 24 oz
  • Packed Size (uncompressed): 11" x 5" x 5"
  • Floor Area with Vestibule (no mesh body): 37.8 sq ft
  • Floor Area w/ Vestibule and Mesh Body: 24.8 sq ft + 6.8 sq ft vestibule
  • Floor Area w/ Mesh Body (no vestibule): 24.8 sq ft
  • Floor Dimensions (mesh body): 82" x 56"/31" (head/foot)
  • Interior Height: 41"-47"
  • Poles: 0 (not included)


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