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Suluk 46 - Manak Titanium Grill With Carbon Storage Tube

Suluk 46 - Manak Titanium Grill With Carbon Storage Tube

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The Manak Ultralight Titanium Camp Grill is the lightest, most compact, highest performing, ultralight titanium grill on the market. Using Flex-lock technology, you have the option to keep it rigidly assembled to pack it flat, or break it down into individual pieces and stash it inside your carbon fiber storage tube. Either way, with its light weight, you won’t even notice it in your pack, and it allows you to utilize natures fuel to cook your meals over.

How is it so light? Easy (well, sort of…) we engineer every product to optimize performance, and remove all unneeded material and weight. We also use the highest strength material, Grade 5 titanium, and instead of just picking standard sizes off the shelf, we meticulously design each and every piece and joint to sustain the appropriate forces so the material is used extremely efficiently. This leads to a grill that is unmatched in every way. We routinely load them up with 10 lbs of cooking gear and food. These are stress and fatigue tested up to 25 lbs and if you end up cooking a 25 lb steak on it, send us a picture.

Why bring a grill? There are few things more enjoyable than sitting around a campfire in the wilderness and cooking over that same fire is a joy few can pass up. Using a responsible campfire to cook on also saves fuel on long trips, and takes the pressure off the cooking process when fuel is being rationed. Regardless of what is on the menu, no one wants to lug around a giant grill to cook on or use the often found communal grills at established sites. The solution; a multi-piece ultralight titanium camp grill that weighs almost nothing and packs up to almost nothing.

Video tutorial: Manak Grill Youtube Video


Medium Manak Titanium Grill (13.5″ x 6″) – 110grams (3.93 oz.)
Medium Carbon Storage Tube – 21 grams (0.75 oz.)

Large Manak Titanium Grill (18.5″ x 8″) – 188 grams (6.72 oz.)
Large Carbon Storage Tube – 26 grams (0.93 oz.)

The Manak titanium backpacking grill is assembled and positively locked together using the Suluk 46 Flex-lock system, relying on the high spring rate of titanium to keep it rigid when the cross members are snapped into place. The grill takes less than 1 minute to assemble, but there is a technique and process. Please be sure to read the instructions or watch our video on how to do it.

When the bar-b-q is over, and it is time to pack up your grill, the ultra fast cooling titanium will dissipate heat faster than steel, and when the cross members are snapped out of place, the grill packs up into a long narrow package, easily slipping into the corner of your backpack.

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