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Suluk 46 - Yuka 240 Pull Saw With 24cm/9.5” Silky Gomboy blade

Suluk 46 - Yuka 240 Pull Saw With 24cm/9.5” Silky Gomboy blade

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The Yuka 240 is the highest performing, ultralight folding pull saw, in the lightest and most functional package. This 6 ounce saw fits a 24cm/9.5” Silky Gomboy blade. However, the Yuka 240 weighs roughly half of what the Silky Gomboy saw weighs. It takes the best part of their saw (the blade) and incorporates it into our ultralight, precision engineered, housing/handle. This is the saw you carry when you want to process large sized wood on your backcountry trip with ease, but don’t want to carry the bulk and weight of a Silky Gomboy Saw.


  • An ergonomic and padded handle for a plush feel
  • 2 position, spring loaded locking mechanism for fast and easy deployment & retraction
  • Multiple blade angle positions for comfort and efficiency during cutting
  • Integrated blade guard for when the blade is retracted
  • Anti-rattling technology so it doesn’t vibrate and clang in your pack, making noise all day
  • Fits the industry leading, high quality, Silky Gomboy 240 blade


  • Overall size (when closed): 10 3/4″ Long x 2 3/4″ Tall x 3/4″ Wide
  • Overall size (when open): 20″ Long x 2 3/4″ Tall x 3/4″ Wide
  • Weight: 172 grams (6.1 ounces)

How do I use this saw?

Please take the time to watch the video above which covers most aspects of use. The Yuka 240 is a pull saw, meaning that you should only apply downward pressure on the pull stroke. This allows the blade to be thinner, lighter, and cut more efficiently than a thicker blade. Cutting on the push stroke can bend or even break the blade.

How do I adjust the force needed to open of close the blade?

The Yuka 240 is designed with a wave spring under each side of the bolt assembly that keeps the blade in place. This allows some adjustment of pressure that you can fine tune to your liking. If you want it to be more sturdy, simply tighten the screw. Alternatively, if you want is looser (and easier to open) simply undo the screw a tad.

Why is the button so hard to press?

It’s actually not, however, the Yuka 240 has the swing path of the button designed to be offset from the natural path of the groove in the blade, this positively locks the blade and button in place when there is pressure on the blade in either direction. Some light pressure on the top of the blade in either direction will free the button up and it will be able to be pressed easily. The tighter you have the blade pressure between the bolt assembly, the more precise you will need to be with the blade position to press the button with ease.

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