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Suluk 46 - Atani Tent Stake Set

Suluk 46 - Atani Tent Stake Set

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The innovative design of the Atani Titanium Tent Stakes include a wide upper portion to withstand guy-line forces at the source while the lower section is sharp and thin in order to penetrate hard ground. The upper indentation captures the loop in your guy-line and holds it secure when inserted into the ground and the flat design creates an anti-rotation characteristic.

The Ultralight Atani Tent Stake Sets come in 2 sizes:

Atani 6″
5 grams per tent stake
6 inches long
Tie loop not included

Atani 8″
9 grams per tent stake
8 inches long
Comes with reflective tie loop for low light visibility

Atani Carbon Fiber Storage Tube
16 grams w/ end caps
9.5″ long x 3/4″ diameter
How many Atani Tent Stakes will it hold?
– It will easily hold 8-10 of any size or combination of sizes
– It will hold up to 12 Atani Tent Stakes if staggered during the packing process
This is sold separately.

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