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Suluk 46 - Hybrid Titanium Tark Trowel

Suluk 46 - Hybrid Titanium Tark Trowel

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Suluk 46's line up of Tark Trowels are the lightest, highest performing products designed for digging catholes while in the backcountry.

For those interested in the highest performing, most comfortable, ultralight and user friendly trowel, the Titanium Hybrid is the way to go. The blade and body is grade 5 titanium, thin, and extremely stiff for cutting through tough ground and roots, while the perimeter of the handle encompasses a thick, dual stacked ridge of beautifully anodized aluminum to protect your hand. A number of cut-outs along the body and edges allow you to use it in many different ways such a a tent stake, dead man anchor, and even lash a stick to it to use as an extended handle.


  • Hybrid Titanium: 2″ Wide x 7″ Long (17 grams)
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