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Geartrade - Travel Microfiber Towel

Geartrade - Travel Microfiber Towel

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An excellent sports and travel towel, it's lightweight and suitably sized for face, hand, or body. An antimicrobial finish keeps it from getting funky – crucial for long trips where laundromats are few and far between. A hang loop with a snap lets you hang it securely over cabin railings or tree branches without worrying about rogue gusts of wind.


  • Made of soft polyester and nylon microfiber, with an antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor retention.
  • Absorbs four times its weight in water
  • Machine wash, and hang to dry using the convenient snap loop (or tumble dry).
  • Small is hand towel size, Large is beach towel size.


  • Small unfolded size: 40 x 80 CM
  • Small packed size: 14 x 10 CM
  • Small weight: 89 G
  • Large unfolded size: 80 CM x 130 CM
  • Large packed size: 18 CM x 14 CM
  • Large Weight: 225 G
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