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Tricer - Tricer-BP

Tricer - Tricer-BP

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Tricer set out to make the best fluid hunting head, and out of that came the Tricer-BP. A 12.3oz fluid pan head built specifically for hunters. The BP is as smooth as butter, allowing you to find game like never before. Utilizing large diameter knobs and bearings, adjusting  your tension is as easy as a turn of the wrist.

The Tricer-BP sets the bar for western big game glassing; there's no optic in your pack that the BP can't handle.


  • Weighs 12.03oz 
  • 3.5" height 
  • 15lb load capacity 
  • Arca Swiss clamp 
  • Base mount 3/8-16, 1/4-20, Arca Swiss
  • Extendible carbon fiber handle 
  • Bubble level 
  • Large diameter knobs for adjustment 
  • 360-degree pan +90/-90 tilt 
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