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UGQ Outdoors - Bandit 850 Fill 20F/-6C Long/Wide

UGQ Outdoors - Bandit 850 Fill 20F/-6C Long/Wide

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The BANDIT Quilt is the Ultimate Backpacking Quilt! It is our hybrid cross-over quilt and hands down a popular choice with outdoor enthusiasts.

Building off of previously established chamber designs, UGQ introduced the concept of isolated chambers on the torso and foot box. This baffle layout provides for zone filling of the quilt, allowing for additional down to be placed where it’s most needed to achieve MAXIMUM comfort and function. Using a combination of vertical and horizontal chambers the BANDIT Quilt will fit you like a glove. This unique concept pioneered by UGQ provides for exceptional drape and avoids the traditional bridging of the quilt common with traditional left to right chambers.

The design, construction, ultralight fabrics, and UltimaDOWN 800/850/950 fill power downs all combine to make the BANDIT Quilt a true performance value.

Chamber Designs: 

The chamber layout which we first used on in 2013 provides for two things. First it provides better drape across the torso, and second it provides for better down management in the quilt overall. The vertical chambers on the torso allows the quilt to drop down on the user providing for less dead air space, the vertical chambers also prevent the down from shifting to the sides making for possible thin spots in the center. Both of those increase the efficiency of the quilt over a traditional quilt. By Isolating the foot box from the torso we are able to zone fill. The torso section of the quilt is filled to 130% overstuff, the foot box section of the quilt is filled to 140% overstuff. Knowing folks tend to get cold in their extremities first by adding an addition 10% of down to the foot box we increase its overall warmth.

Shell Construction: 

We use our M10T or MRS20 fabrics for the outer shell of our BANDIT Quilts. MRS20 is an excellent compromise between ultralight weight, durability, and DWR finish without sacrificing breath-ability. M10T is used for our inner shells because of its superior finish and satin feel. For those seeking the lightest possible finished product, M10T is the best option for both inner and outer shells when weight is of utmost concern. For a more durable outer shell MRS20 is the perfect combination of wgt and durability.  M10T and MRS20 fabrics have been given exceptional ratings in independent testing by the International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL).

The down-filled chambers on the torso section of the BANDIT Quilts run vertically (top to bottom), providing exceptional drape, which means that the quilt will lie close to your body, resulting in better thermal performance. Gaps between your body and the inside of the quilt are hard for your body to heat; the efficient draping of the BANDIT eliminates almost all of this dead air. The chamber design of the BANDIT’s foot box allows for a variety of options with a snug, efficient fit.

Each down chamber is constructed using Ultralight Nano-mesh baffles between the chambers to allow for maximum loft. This also enables thermal convection between the chambers. The vertical design of the torso chambers allows for heat transfer between your core and extremities. The size of the inner chambers varies from 4-5″, resulting in less down shifting than other larger-chambered designs.

The location of each Nano-mesh baffle is integral to the function of the quilt. Using advanced design and construction, the down is concentrated in those areas that need it most. This functional approach results in a quilt with maximum warmth for minimum weight.


  • Colour: M10 Inner / MSR20 Outer 
  • Temp rating: 20F / -6C 
  • Width: Wide 
  • Length: Regular 
  • 850 Overstuffed: 2oz 850FP
  • Draft Collar: Yes 
  • Footbox Style: 1/4 Zip Zipper & Drawcord 
  • Taper Style: No Taper 
  • Dynamic Tension Control: Provided 
  • Pad Straps: Deluxe Systems Included
  • Spare Pad Straps: Included
  • Storage Sack: Included  
  • Fill: 850WGD
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