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Cortech - Ultralight Backpacking Toothbrush

Cortech - Ultralight Backpacking Toothbrush

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This inmate toothbrush (yes, they are commonly used in prisons across North America) is a highly visible bright green color. There are a minimum of 36 exposed individual bristled ends per tuft, and the bristle firmness is "soft." The exposed individual bristles are rounded and smooth and free of sharp points and rough edges. Its tufts and trim are flat (straight) and slightly domed in shaped. The headlock and handle are made of one piece of straight molded flexible plastic with an overall length of 3 inches and features an oval shaped handle and non-slip thumb grip.


  • 3” thumb toothbrush
  • 41 tuft head with soft, end-rounded nylon bristles
  • Made with pliable plastic and thumb grooves for controlled brushing
  • Helps reduce plaque and fight gum disease


  • Weight: 3 g
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