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Geartrade - Winter Hiking Shoe Spikes (Free Shipping!)

Geartrade - Winter Hiking Shoe Spikes (Free Shipping!)

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Free Shipping!

Same factory and quality as your big brands but half the price. Grippy, durable, slip-on traction systems, with strategically placed stainless steel spikes connected to a dynamic flex-chain with tough elastomer shoe harnesses. The spike design is excellent for walking, hiking, or running on packed snow, and provides excellent traction on ice.


  • Welded stainless steel links
  • Small fits
    • Men's US 4 to 6
    • Women's US 3 to 6
  • Medium fits :
    • Men's US 6 to 8
    • Women's US 6 to 9
  • Large fits
    • Men's US 8 to 11
    • Women's US 9 to 12
  • X-Large
    • Men's US 11 to 14
    • Women's US 12 to 14
    * Please note sizing is a approximation as there is no standardization with shoe sizing - if you are using a insulated boot then the recommendation would be to go with a larger size *

*Geartrade has designed it products to enhance the safety and security of people walking, hiking, running, and climbing non-technical mountains in icy and snow-packed conditions. For each use, you must determine if your expertise, combined with the equipment and weather conditions, present a risk of injury. You alone assume responsibility for the safe and appropriate use and fitting of these products, as well as any risk associated with their use. Always exercise your best judgement and seek professional instruction and training if in doubt. Geartrade shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or other types of damages arising out of or resulting from the use of this product.



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