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For me, the great outdoors began with the Boy Scouts; hiking, camping, and teaching skills to others. As I worked tirelessly to finish my engineering degree, I started working in the outdoor industry, outfitting and educating people to make their experiences more enjoyable and memorable. These two paths converged, my passion for the outdoors and my skills as an engineer, and Jereko Gear was born.

Jereko Gear started as nothing more than a few pages in a notebook with some ideas of outdoor gear I could 3D print. When the time was right, and I had enough original product ideas, I launched my Etsy store. My desire to help lessen the environmental impact of the outdoor industry led me to use plants-based plastics for production and later source and repair used equipment to extend their life in the outdoors. My mission statement, "we believe outdoor gear should be sustainable," comes from the immense waste of products and materials I witnessed during my time in outdoor retail. I believe we can help save the environment and enjoy wild spaces for decades to come by using sustainable materials, buying used gear instead of new gear, and repairing worn equipment to extend its life. 

I have biked many roads, climbed many mountains, and walked many miles, all to experience a moment most will never know and it is that desire that drives me in getting you out ther

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