Collection: Suluk 46

Suluk 46 was established in 2008 by me, Steve Evans. I am a mechanical engineer, an ultralight backpacking practitioner, and an avid backcountry adventurer from Toronto, Canada. Upon searching far and wide for quality products that suited my particular hiking style – fast-moving and light, over long distances, often in remote and extreme locations – it became apparent that few manufacturers shared my vision. Out of my own necessity, and a gut feeling that there were others out there like me, I took it upon myself to fill that void.

Since its inception, Suluk 46 has stayed true to mission; provide ultra-light backcountry tools that are expertly engineered to surpass existing material and manufacturing limits, resulting in a product line that boasts ultra-high strength to weight ratios. With a strong focus on R&D in the engineering design field, Suluk 46 prides itself on thinking outside of the box and producing innovative and revolutionary products in the lightest package possible. Over the years, Suluk 46 products have shipped internationally to thousands of like-minded adventurers, with whom they have ventured into the backcountry, traversed trails, and scaled mountains of all shapes, sizes and difficulty level.