Collection: Wild Mountain Eats

Outdoor adventures, reuniting with true friends on these adventures, and enjoying delicious food while out are three things I get pretty excited about! There is something incredibly unique about being in the backcountry and having to rely on your body and the people that you are with to make it through! On my own trips I oscillate between craving the movement and physicality of these adventures, and needing the stillness and quiet of simply standing in a valley, between wanting to explore all that I can see, what’s around the next bend, or over the next peak, and wanting to intimately know the wild space I’m in!

      The beauty of outdoor adventures lies not just in the wild spaces you find yourself in, but also in the opportunity for connection and community. Experience and research shows that there is something about engaging in these rhythmic activities that enables you to tap into a different way of being or connecting with the people that you are with. 

     Finally, there is something deeply profound about sharing meals with others – partly in that it often means someone has taken the time and care to prepare something for you, but also because it’s a time to connect, tell stories from the day, debrief hard moments, and laugh together. 

     Recognizing and acknowledging the opportunity for a confluence of these three passions was really the birth of Wild Mountain Eats. We hope to make quality dehydrated meals for those of us who are seeking efficiency, sufficiency, and community through their backcountry adventures.