Collection: One Bottle Hydration

The Best Of Both Worlds

Hiking and exploring with a Camelbak™ is pretty amazing - you can cover miles on the trails and enjoy the outdoors so much more without taking your pack off to drink water! With those hydration systems you're not just *carrying* water - you're *drinking* water!

The appeal of the Camelbak is mostly in the tube and bite valve… pretty much all of those hydration systems require you to drink from a flexible bag of water. It tastes like plastic, you’ve got to use a specialized backpack or squeeze the bladder into your bag, it gets moldy real fast, and you can only use it when wearing the bag.

One Bottle combines the convenience of the hydration bladder with the versatility of your favorite bottle!

As of October 2021 that means One Bottle sells adapter kits and adapter parts for the wide-mouth Nalgene/Hydro Flask (and all compatible bottles), the 28mm Smartwater bottle, or YETI Chug/MagDock lids!

Drink Water and Don’t Stop!